Alice Cescatti

vanaf 3 februari 2022

Alice Cescatti (1962) originally from New Zealand, is based in London. Although she is living in a urban environment, Cescatti has instinctively gravitated towards locations for painting, that combine a sense of wilderness with intense light and colour. Cescatti’s paintings are water gilded in silver leaf on wood panels. They are semi abstract works celebrating light and colour enhanced by the backdrop of burnished silver.
Her work describes the great power and energy of our natural environment.
Alice draws the viewer into her paintings with the intention of focusing on the mindfulness of preserving nature in all it’s forms.

1980 – 1981 Fine Arts, Ilam, Christchurch, New Zealand
1982 – 1985 Interior Design Consultant, General Trading Company, New Zealand

1991 – 1992 Interior Design Diploma, London School of Distributive Trade, London
1994 – 1996 Apprenticeship in the Restoration of Gilded Furniture for Rupert Bevan Design

Alice is an award-winning artist who has had numerous Solo and Group Shows in London, throughout England, across Europe and America and her work is held in Public and Private Collections Worldwide.

2017 – Galerie Année

Galerie Année is begin 2021 gestart met ‘U I T G E L I C H T‘,
een serie intieme raam exposities waarin elke twee weken een kunstenaar wordt uitgelicht. Dit jaar in juni bestaat Galerie Année 30 jaar.
In de aanloop naar deze mijlpaal verzamelen wij onze UITGELICHT pagina’s en bundelen
deze in een boek wat begin juni klaar is om te worden gepresenteerd.