Cedric Laquieze

Cedric Laquieze is an Amsterdam-based artist born in Los Angeles and a graduate of the Rietveld Academy of the Netherlands. His unusual choice of materials results in work that walks the line between sculpting, fashion, and design in a surrealistic celebration of color and form.

From Fairies made of insects to taxidermy made of flowers as well as busts of ancient gods, there is a constant theme of redefining the shapes of nature and other themes that capture timeless beauty.

The wide range of his creations has attracted collaborations with brands such as IKEA, Shoebaloo, Iris van Herpen, and Ripleys Believe It or Not!, as well as many publications and interviews.


His sculptures have been featured in museum exhibitions, galleries, and design centers around the world.

Cedric Laquieze


The Fairies series is Cedric’s longest ongoing sculpture series.

Since childhood, he was always fascinated with the macro world. The idea that an entire world exists on a different scale wherever you look was his link to the fantasy world he grew up dreaming about. The fairies are each unique in their designs, and after decades of designing, he is always surprised that new possibilities of composition are still available to him.The fairies are a mixed media composition of insects and plants reflecting the astonishing beauty of the natural world.