Snoek’s work is the result of years of efforts and experience in the art world. She has practiced as a painter and graphic artist since the 1993, when she graduated.

In her studio in The Hague (The Netherlands) she developed the ability to shift from a genre to another over the years with the simplicity and sensitivity that only great artists have and are capable of.

As a result of that, the observer can easily see, especially, in her latest works where the simplicity, the surface, the texture, the shape, the thickness, the angles along with the colours become the main characteristics of her artworks.

But, don’t get me wrong, her work is much more than that; Evelyn’s art is all about extraordinary creativity, freedom – expressed by the magnificent use of colours – awareness and her elegant ability to create artworks that are able to talk directly and explicitly to the audience in a very distinctive and remarkable way.

It seems like that every single piece has a mysterious, interesting and fascinating story to tell.

They look so intense and deep that you cannot just simply watch them but there is some sort of uncontrollable power that force you to stare at them for ages trying to understand the secret which is confined into each of them.

Evelyn has this visionary and innovative way of making art that immediately make her work stands out from the crowd.

I would not call her pieces neither paintings nor sculptures.

They are just much more complex than that and it is not easy to categorise what she does; perhaps the best way to name them is “wall sculpture” which, in other words, it simply means the perfect combination and balance between the two forms of art I have mentioned above. Her work is bold, provocative and sexy due to its three-dimensional shape. It engages people in a very sensual, sassy and yet smart way.

Looking at her work it is like submerging yourself into layers and layers of time, space, fluidity, colour and virtuosity.

All those elements that she tested, studied and finally mastered after years of hard work and practice. You end up by being hypnotised by the depth and powerful charm that they emanate.

They have that ability to make people let into her intimacy, into her world made of freedom and joy. You will immediately feel ecstatic in front of one of her pieces of art because she is capable of making people dream and crave after her work.

In her practice the process is key: the multi-layers sediment – each one – for a long time and it takes ages to complete a single piece, like those Renaissance Italian painters that with their astonishing “frescos”, those ones that, still now – after centuries – decorating the most beautiful and breath-taking churches and palaces, have changed the way to look at, understand and interpret art in the history of the humankind.

This long process adorns her work and make it looks so intense and precious that you feel the desire of dive into it and to be embraced by the depth of its colour and the powerful and vibrant energy that releases. Eye-catching, good looking and yummy; yes, because looking at that it makes you feel an incredible desire of biting a piece of it like a delicate and tempting slice of cake.

Those above are just few of the adjectives to describe what she makes but it is also – and above all – a thoughtful, precious and elegant work

Snoek’s work is about life: that is why every single piece of hers has its own good-looking body and wonderful soul.

“The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts“

Marcus Aurelius

Nicolò Baraggioli

London, May 2020

Evelyn Snoek